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Monday & Tuesday


Wednesday- Friday

3:00pm- 8:00pm

Saturday & Sunday




Clubhouse hours vary throughout the year, with changes being posted in the monthly newsletter.  

The clubhouse may be rented by members, or by non-members who have a sponsoring member for their event. A sponsoring member who is a member of Sabetha Golf Club must be present from start to finish of the scheduled event and is responsible for any damage to the clubhouse or its furnishings beyond normal wear and tear.  In the event that a non-member does not pay accrued charges, the sponsoring member is responsible.  Sponsors are also responsible for seeing there is no underage drinking or alcohol being brought on the premises.  Bar staff will check ID’s at the bar.


A $100 deposit is required and is for cleanup afterward.  If you or your guests choose to do the cleaning, you will receive a $50 refund of your deposit.  Cleanup includes sweeping and vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, cleaning the kitchen and washing any dishes or utensils, putting all tables back under the direction of the clubhouse manager and employees.  In addition, tables and chairs should be washed as needed, and trash and debris are to be cleaned up on the porch, in the yard and in the parking lot.


Meals may be catered into the clubhouse or you may use the clubhouse catering services.  A $100 fee will be assessed for outside catering.  The kitchen may be used by outside caterers but must be left as clean as it is found.  Failure to clean the kitchen will result in forfeiture of your deposit.


At the conclusion of the event, the sponsoring member is invited to inspect the premises with the clubhouse manager.  The sponsor is subject to any additional charges which the manager may find fair and reasonable for any damage that may have been caused by the outside caterer (if applicable) or any participant of the event.

Contact the club secretary or the clubhouse manager for reservations and contract.

dining room.png

The clubhouse includes a bar, a full-service kitchen, salad bar and various specials throughout the month. The dining area is spacious with the original fireplace helping set the atmosphere for an enjoyable dining experience. A sunroom is available for small private parties, and the bar area includes its own separate seating. While the weather is nice outside, you may also enjoy dining on the covered front porch, the open deck, or the picnic tables on the front patio near the pool.

Members and guests of members may rent the clubhouse for various functions, providing a stylish and spacious atmosphere with the convenience of having food and drink available on the premises. Photographers appreciate the ability to capture stunning background settings for such events as wedding and anniversary receptions.







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